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If you are having suicidal thoughts, dial 988 (US)
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According to the World Health Organization, almost one million (1,000,000) people die from suicide each year. In the last 45 years, suicide rates have increased 60% worldwide. In the United States, there is an average of one suicide every 15 minutes.

The Suicide Memorial Wall was created on 15 April 2001 to help us remember some of the names of people from all over the world whose deaths were self-inflicted. We also hope to show visitors that suicide is a tragic end to lives that once had great potential.

Most of all, however, we hope to plant seeds of compassion in the hearts of those who read the names: seeds that may develop into a commitment to understanding suicide and finding solutions.

We also invite you to visit the new Faces of Suicide web site at

Faces of Suicide: Volume 1

A collection of sixty stories from the heart, compiled by members of the "Parents of Suicides - Friends and Families of Suicides" Internet Community, available as an ebook.

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The Suicide Memorial Wall contains 19997 names. Each section of the Wall contains 1000 names, sorted alphabetically by last name. Please visit and read them.

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